About Us

buildingDavid E. Ross Associates, Inc. was established in January of 1990, at the end of a long and prosperous economic cycle.  During this time of cut-backs and moderation, David Ross and seven of his Associates, started out to prove that our industry was still very much needed and could survive during this downturn.  For us, this ability to thrive, during such an economic decline, could only be successful by providing professional Engineering and Surveying services that blended a quality product with a moderate and competitive price.  These early years set the stage for our firm to become an industry leader in the Central Massachusetts region, which led to fairly quick recognition and growth.  By the end of the 1990’s, our firm grew to employ 50 different professionals in the fields of Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Environmental Consulting, and Landscape Architecture with a supporting staff of Accounting professionals, Technical Writers, and key Administrative Assistants.  Through these growth years, David Ross continued to lead this group of individuals toward the change of the millennium where newer technologies and techniques were perfected.

Again, economic cycles intervened in the 2000’s and the company slowly downsized as a result of lower demands.  However, David E. Ross Associates still held the professional advantage in the region by virtue of long standing relationships with clients, along with local Boards and Commissions.  Our services were slightly modified to focus primarily on Engineering, Surveying, and Environmental Consulting, and we have proven to remain a viable resource within the region.  We have remained consistent with our original goals of providing a comprehensive and quality work product, while still keeping mindful of competitive pricing and our client’s individual budgetary constraints.

In more recent days, David Ross has retired and has placed his trust in Daniel Wolfe as the President of the company.  Dan, a Professional Engineer, has been with the company since 1990 and has fortified our standing in the communities with many of our current process and quality control initiatives.  With Dan’s leadership, we have continued to move the company forward and the entire staff has continued to refine their skills and abilities to remain as competitive as possible in this ever changing marketplace.  With a refined look at how we choose to do business, and while still retaining the strengths and principles of our roots, the entire staff looks forward to what the future holds for us and to the continued success for our clients and their projects.